I’m a product designer based in San Francisco.

Hey there,

I'm Omar, a Product Designer on a mission to harness the power of innovation and technology for a brighter world. Originally from Cairo, Egypt, I embarked on an incredible journey to San Francisco, California, chasing my dream of fostering positive change through tech. My heart beats for entrepreneurship, the startup culture, and the endless possibilities of innovation. 🚀💡✨

Check out my work

From new brand launches to editorial undertakings, my portfolio contains projects from across the globe.

Food Delivery
person holding white iphone 5 cperson holding white iphone 5 c

Editorial design
Monospace, 2018

person holding black iphone 4person holding black iphone 4

Editorial design
Freelance, 2017

Micro Mobility
person holding yellow and black digital deviceperson holding yellow and black digital device

Branding project
Unno, 2020

Let’s talk?

Got a partnership idea, or a project you need help with? Shoot me a line and let's talk.


3721 Single Street
Quincy, MA 02169


3721 Single Street
Quincy, MA 02169

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